Blamstard Industries Presents: Tyranny of Dragons

Greenest in Flames

Flames dot the landscape. A dragon circles overhead. Turmoil echoes from the town below. The troupe faces a dilemma: turn and flee, or wade into a battle that is not their own.

Balabar Rumbuckle, a resident of the town of Greenest, goes white. His livelihood is part of that town. If his family’s mill burns down then he’s out of work. Though if he dies he’s out of work too. It’s not safe for him here.

He turns to his hired guards. The contract they agreed on was to see him home safe. Balabar argues that they haven’t fulfilled their part of the bargain — he’s not quite home yet. The adventurers want to get paid, but a dragon is a menace no man wishes to deal with.

The beast circles high above the village. They watch. It disappears over the horizon and then reappears sweeping low over the town. They don’t see a drip of fire leave the dragon’s mouth, nor do they see it scooping up villagers to rip them apart. It’s almost as if the dragon is holding back, looming like a vulture in wait.

Reluctant, Balabar offers up a bonus if the adventurers ferry him to safety. Sir Darin, ever eager to save the day, doesn’t need the extra incentive (though he doesn’t reject the offer either). The others are more convinced by the promise of extra gold. Cautious, they all proceed as the dragon again disappears over the horizon.

As they enter town, a women and her family break from an alley. They’re chased by a pack of impish creatures. The scaly, baboon shaped things surround the women as she diverts them from her family.

Webelo approaches the women and introduces himself while she fights for her life. Ignorant of the situation, he attempts to make small talk. To her, Webelo is an annoying dawdler, a distraction. Her family will die if she doesn’t focus. To control the situation she needs to understand if he’s friend or foe.

The woman is Linan Swift, a villager of Greenest. Her injured husband, Cuth, takes refuge around the corner with their three children. Playing the hero, Darin rushes to her aid. Close behind, the others follow, while Balabar holds back and hides.

Darin urges the woman to retreat and leave the threat to them. Linan refuses to leave the fate of her family in the hands of strangers. Back to back they fight the pack together. One by one the creatures fall.

Grateful they survived the Kobolds, the Swift’s ask the adventurers to come with them. They’re heading to the town’s keep. The walled fortress sits atop a hill in the distance. It’s the only place in sight that doesn’t appear to be smoldering or overrun.

The adventurers debate if they’d rather drop Balabar off at his mill and walk away from this mess. Above all else Balabar wants to keep his head. So, with his mill on the opposite side of town, he convinces them to seek refuge at the keep first. There they can get some answers about what’s going on.

Trying to avoid more conflicts, the group winds its way through alleys and yards. Along their way, they catch glimpses of more Kobolds. It seems that the creatures are raiding the village, along with a group of mustachioed men. Taken by surprise, the adventurers stumble across another group of frightened villagers. Ultimately they decide to take the group under their wing as well.

Close to the keep, they sneak through a tight alleyway. Ahead, a set of Kobolds and mustached men call back and forth to each other from neighboring houses. Taking point, the adventurers attempt to sneak by. They don’t get far before tripping over one another, drawing the attention of the raiders. The townsfolk hold back, cowering against the alley wall, praying they stay concealed.

Hopping fences, the adventurers take the fight to the raiders. Still determined not to sit idly, Linan charges in to join them. From Elven, a misfired spell lights a bush ablaze, burning between the two houses. Him and a Kobold stab at each other through the blistering flames.

Trying to flank the adventurers, one of the mustached men goes around to the alley. He staggers across the cowering villagers, delighted with his find. Before the adventurers can come to the rescue, the raider slits the throat of a bystander. The elderly women crumples to the ground as Sir Darin reaches her killer.

Spread across yard, house, and alleyway, the adventurers (with Linan) finish the fight. Only a a single injured Kobold survives, managing to drag himself away amidst the chaos. Taking advantage of the open homes, Webelo does some looting of his own. He pockets some candlesticks, silverware, and a scarf from Grandma FaFa, the murdered villager. It’s not like she was using it.

At the hill in the center of town, the adventurers and townsfolk creep their way around to the keep’s gate. A squad of raiders sits entrenched at the foot of the hill, surveying the defenses.

Attempting to be stealthy and swift, the adventurers once again trip up. Tumbling down, wheeling through townsfolk and raiders alike, they all end up in a pile at the bottom of the hill. Panicked, the townfolk get up and dash madly to get to safety.

At the top of this hill the gate begins to close. The keep is being locked down. Disoriented after being bowled over, the raiders collect their wits and give chase. The adventurers join in the scramble. Darin gets to the gate and guides the remaining townsfolk through. Just as the raiders reach the door it’s slammed shut. Everyone made it in. They’re safe… for now.



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