Sir Darin

Human, Fighter (Battle Master)

  • Idealizes the concept of ‘honor’, and is dedicated to the idea of upholding it.
  • Can be gullible (manipulated into doing something just for “honor”).
  • Pretentious — believes his family is of much higher standing than they are.
  • Prizes his family name, and what he thinks it represents.
  • Is a self described man of reason/logic — doesn’t believe in “leaving fate up to the gods”.


  • Grew up the “richest family in his neighborhood” — has delusions of being nobility.
  • ‘Sir’ is not a title, but his first name, given to him by his parents.


  • Looks down on his companions as degenerates (like “co-workers that he wouldn’t have picked, but is stuck with”) — doesn’t see them as honorable.
  • Would like to see other PCs turn over a new leaf and be more ethical — he would not hold a grudge for their past misbehavior.
  • Webelo: Darin sees Webelo as naive, someone he could mold and school in the ways of honor.


  • After stumbling into a confrontation with the Cult of the Dragon, Darin is the only PC who feels committed to combating the menace — they are a threat and he believes pursuing them is his duty.

Sir Darin

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