Elven Fafaris (DECEASED)

High elf, wizard (evocation)

  • Aloof (detached) and desensitized to woes of the world (stems from his age)
  • Carries a tempered glass trumpet he made himself
  • His spellbook’s cover is adorned with inset stained glass, depicting a trumpet.
  • Seeks adventure for the excitement, could care less about the cause.
  • Described as “a lil’ cleanly” – grossed out by garbage and the like (hard pressed to go mucking through it)


  • From an insular Elven enclave in a mountainous region bordered by forest
  • Artisan glass blower (spent 200+ years perfecting his trade)
  • Specialized in tempered glass — family operated a glass “enterprise”
  • Having mastered glasswork, grew bored with everyday life
  • Became interested in the mysteries of magic (like someone who saw magic on youtube once and was like “awesome! I want to do that”)
  • Sought magic to: 1) possibly advance his glasswork in some way, and 2) explore other planes (bored with this physical plane)


  • Happy to be along for the ride with his companions, they’re a magnet for excitement (provides him opportunities to test his wizardly ways).
  • Sir Darin: Elven sees Darin as the party’s conscious, knows the benefit in having him around (having Darin around keeps Elven grounded, from going off the deep end; it’s easy to “hang loose” when Darrin is there to keep the party in check).
  • Webelo: Elven sees Webelo as naive to the world, kind of a pesky kid not worth mentoring.
  • Hunkir Brittlebod: Elven likes Hunkir well enough. He sees him as a magical compatriot.
  • Rashenid Lael: Rashenid hinted at having romantic interest in Elven, but he did not seem interested. He is not looking for romance.


  • After stumbling into a confrontation with the Cult of the Dragon, Elven is not particularly invested in rooting them out. He enjoys the adventure though, and is fine going along with the cause.
  • Elven died, bled out, in an abandoned dragon cultist camp. Him and his companions were ambushed by a group of Perytons, stalking the camp from the surrounding mountains.

Elven Fafaris (DECEASED)

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