Hunkir Brittlebod

Hill Dwarf, Cleric (Trickery)

  • Patron of Leira (goddess of deception and illusions).
  • Not above conning people — it’s not his default MO, but is leveraged as a means of survival.
  • Compulsive gambler (conning people does give him a rush).
  • Self described scoundrel (snake oil salesman). Out for himself above all else.


  • Grew up on the streets of Berdusk.
  • Childhood friends with Leosin Erlanthar (his “brother from another mother”) — one of Hunkir’s few real friends.
  • Met the other PCs when running from a mob (angered by a crooked sale) — he ducked into a pub where he found the others sitting in the corner (inconspicuous).
  • Greatest fear: water


  • Sir Darin: Hunkir thinks Darin is a moralistic tight wad.
  • Elven Fafaris: Hunkir sees Elven as a potential bud, but isn’t the type to try and actively pursue a relationship — he feels a kindred connection with how Elven sees the world: fun and fuckery.
  • Webelo: Hunkir is amused by Webelo, and enjoys seeing how their adventures are perversely molding him.
  • Leosin Erlanthar: Leosin is one of Hunkir’s only close friends. Possibly one of the only people Hunkir will go out of his way for.


  • Summoned to Greenest by a cryptic letter from Leosin.
  • Posed as a patron of Chauntea (goddess of life) to gain favor in Greenest.

Hunkir Brittlebod

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