“Halfling” (Human), Rogue (Swashbuckler)

  • Raised as a halfing (doesn’t understand that he’s a full grown human).
  • Naive, sheltered, and sensitive about his height.
  • Reveres halfing traditions and folklore.


  • As a (human) baby, Webelo was adopted and raised by halfings (raised as if he was a halfing himself).
  • As a halfing rite of passage, Webelo has ventured out to explore the world on a sort of halfing Rumspringa.


  • Looks up to his companions as authorities on the world (“they know so much more than I do”) — happy sticking with the group; feels he’s learning so much more about the world than he would be on his own.
  • Mae “FaFa”: Webelo is smitten with Mae. In a deceitful ploy she lured him into a trap, feigning desire to do so. Webelo, being as naive as he is, still thinks she was interested in him.


  • Skinned a drake and wears its skin to disguise himself — awakening a feeling that he’s possibly a drake “furry” (feels like he was maybe meant to be born as one).
  • Started developing a certain bloodlust through his adventures combating the Cult of the Dragon — his parents would likely be shocked at the blood thirsty man he has become.
  • Has cut off several ears to torture information out of captives (starting to be renowned for it as his “signature”) — collects the ears as trophies.
  • Lost his own ear to Ril Mes, who wanted to give Webelo a “taste of his own medicine”
    • In retaliation, Webelo took Ril’s ear and sewed it on in place of his own (the ear is a black/brown skin tone, whereas Webelo is Caucasian)


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